Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philips Hand Mixer

Everytime when I went shopping especially at the baking section or at the shops selling bakery stuff, I always tempted to buy the utensils, essentials and stuff. Even by reading up books, blogs, magazines etc the more I know about the baking world the more I wanted to buy a wide range of bakery stuff for my experiments at home. Thank God that I am able to control myself and save some money by not buying unnecessary things. I try to be prudent in managing the family budget especially in this inflation crisis.

I may forgo all things at the moment but not this one that is the electronic hand mixer which does wonder and magical job for my baking projects. I think all homebakers should have one of it to make baking easy and enjoyable. I got this Philips brand 3L hand mixer at 10% discount at court at about SGD 65. It comes with 3turbo, 2-year warranty and dual functions whereby you can hold it with your hand and mix or fix it to the machine and let it do the job! 3L is just nice a capacity for a homebaker. I was so happy that day carefully took out all the parts, washed, cleaned them up and assembled them immediately to kick start my next baking project i.e Marble cake.

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