Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pineapple Tarts

I first experimented making pineapple tarts last year out of curiosity. I visited a few blogs and read numerous times on their experiments and outcomes. I watched a few Youtube videos on how to make the fillings and crust and they are so helpful! At the end, I did not follow any recipes strictly. There are many ways to make the pineapple crusts and I and my husband prefer melt in the mouth type rather than crunchy or biscuit-like type like Nyonya Pineapple tarts. Some recipes looked almost similar but different by one or two ingredients or by a little variation on the amount of butter or type of flour used. I wasn't confused but just wasn't sure which recipe to follow. I think home bakers can be at times overwhelmed and spoilt by many choices and information available at no cost on the Internet.

I decided to use Oi Lin's pienapple tarts recipe as the base and did modification from there. I made 4 different shapes of tarts for experiments i.e the open pineapple tarts, the tangerine style pineapple tarts, the apple-shape tarts and the roll type as you can see in the picture below!

I will pose my refined recipe and my learning points once I have done the production later this week just before CNY. I have cooked the pineapple fillings today and am ready to bake the tarts this Wednesday! The two photos posted were taken last year. Very excited and anticipating a tiring day ahead. Planning to do 'Kok Chai' this year just for my dad for this is a must have chinese new year goodies every year and the challenge is I have never made that before!! Crossing my fingers and researching a lot on that as well. Do look out for the posts soon in my blog!

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