Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Humble Background..

I started cooking at the age of 15 for a huge family. I learnt cooking mainly Cantonese food from my sister and my mother. I never baked until the age of 34 now and after married with a daughter who aged 21 months! My daugther is my source of strength and perseverance. A hard day of working, cooking and doing housework will by itself payoff by her hugs, smiles and of course her sweet calling of 'mee mee ah....' :)

I always love cooking and experimenting new recipes and especially the last two years when I have my own family which means I have my own kitchen space and stuff etc.:) I have indulged in cooking ‘Peranakan’ foods through my late grandmother in-law as I am crazy for anyting that is spicy and hot! I find spices are heavenly created natural aromatic ingredients that can enrich and improve one's health and yet may create harm at the same time. I am planning to build a small little herbs garden at my house corridor when I am more settle with my self-thought baking lessons.

I am exploring about food catering business and nutritional foods for kids. There is a strong inner calling to further look into the F & B industry since last few months. My close friend who is a CEO of a private school kept on assuring me that I can do more than working for others BUT i need to find what it is that is really for me. Preparing foods for 30 guests are not a problem for me but to do this as a business is not something can be taken likely. Mind you I have been working in healthcare for almost my entire life and have zero formal training in culinary. Anyway there are a lot of successful professionals who switch career mid way like Lynette Foo, Lynn Chen, Su-Mene to quote a few.

Obviously I do not know where to set my food until recently when I had a car accident a month ago. It changes the total perspectives of my views of life. Yes it scares me but it matures me more than anything else about vocational life! During the recovery period I was homebound. Given the abundant of time and the inner calling to explore F & B I read up a lot about cooking and baking. I began baking during this period learning from blogs, recipes etc... and the result is I am falling in love with baking! I just can't stop baking. I bake and bake and bake.... :)

Learning baking will and has indeed opened another chapter of my informal 'culinary' journey. The excitement and satisfaction started as early as at the stage of planning the recipes to suit the purpose for the gatherings, festives or just for the simple reason to finish up whatever balance ingredients I have in the fridge or cupboard! I always cook & now bake with my HEART and SOUL for my family and friends. I believe that the same passion will be the ingrained motivator for me to do likewise in my food business! I do not aim to be a cook or a baker. What I want to be is a social entrepreneur in this field. What I have now is definitely providence from God. He teaches me to cook the FISH and now bake the BREAD. HE performed the miracle 2000 years ago in feeding seven thousands people and it is my prayer that the same miracle will happen through my future business in 'feeding' or 'teaching the underprivileged how to FISH! God Bless!


Mei said...

To find your blog is like a miracle for me, your life story somewhat similar with me. I'd work in office for 11 years, I lost my job yet I lost desire to continue working in office. To my surprise I fell in love with cooking and baking which I believe this new desire come from God, yet I don't have the courage or have knowledge where to start, since I lost my job I have so much time to learn to cook and baking either from internet, books or tv. After reading your blog I find that I'm not alone and you inspire me to continue with this new passion, my dream is one day I can open small restaurant or bakery, thank you for being an inspiration, God bless you abundantly

June said...

Hi Mei,

You are most welcome and welcome to the baking and cooking world!! I am so glad that you are encouraged and inspired through my blog. May God bless your work and your passion.

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