Friday, May 14, 2010

Banana Bread

If you are looking for cakey banana cake recipe you will be fairly disappointed by how this recipe will turn out not to your wish but mysteriously and surprisingly yet it will not let you down at all! This is not a banana muffin, cake or any of that sorts but bread - a quick bread. I had baked this bread twice in a short span of two months. My whole family likes it so much except my daughter. She likes to eat bananas but doesn't quite like any banana flavoured cakes or pastry!

If you are a banana lover and like to bake, this recipe is a must try recipe and it is so simple to do as you don't need a mixer. The two bowls mixing method will be used instead of the creaming method.

Chocolate Banana Bread (I) - This is the variation added to the original recipe.

Chocolate Banana Bread (II)

Chocolate Banana Bread (III)
Banana Bread (I) - This is the original banana bread recipe. Banana Bread (II) This recipe was baked during one of the weekends and C was so proud with the end product! She was helping me to whisk the eggs, add sugar, flour and did most of the steps with my assistance. She was so excited when I told her that we were going to bake that morning. She leaped up high :) Though the kitchen was a little messy after that, it was worth the effort of cleaning up when you looked at her face beaming all the way!

1. I used soft brown sugar for the original banana recipe as I had run out of castor sugar at that time. The cake turned out good still and not so sweet.
2. The second time when I baked it I used castor sugar and added the chocolate chips in about a cup. All ingredients remained the same except that the sugar has to be reduced to 10 tablespoons. The bread was excellent!
3. I used slightly less than a cup of walnut since our local market sells the walnuts in a prepacked packet in small quantities. I really didn't wish to buy 2 packets which I couldn't use up all for one baking and have to keep the balance in the fridge. It didn't distort the texture and flavour much. I spread some walnuts on top of the batter for the original recipe.

Banana Bread (III)Overall, none of my family members and family friends complained about the texture or taste of the bread. Everybody (except my daughter) enjoys and loves it!! I am so sure that I will bake this recipe again and again and that I had baked it twice, I can recall the ingredients easily now. Practice makes things perfect!

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