Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tofu Chicken Balls Porridge

This morning I was very tired as I was barely able to sleep for more than 3 hours yesterday night. I was sorting out some works for my husband's business accounts until late night. To make the matter worse, I was not able to catch my beauty sleep since my 2nd little boy still needs at least two night feeds at the moment. The 2nd feeding, which was towards the dawn, was really a challenge as he just seemed irritated and didn't manage to settle himself back to sleep. When he fell back to sleep it was morning and I need to get up to prepare my daughter for school :( Luckily hubby chipped in to help though he went to sleep at about 3am due to his work. Appreciate his effort so so much!! I told myself to whip up something quick, easy, healthy and yet tasty for our lunch. I decided to cook porridge with minced chicken which I mixed them with crushed Japanese tofu, cilantro, cornflour and a little garlic salt.

My daughter loves garlic, onions, cilantro very very much and always asks for more. Not many children acquire this taste at her age and I am of course happy because that will make my cooking easier without having to omit those in the dishes. She loves nuts too, especially preserved peanuts. I added some of those in the porridge and served them with oven toasted anchovies. When it comes to cooking, nothing is more important than whipping up something with all easily accessible local ingredients that my loved ones love most, in no time, yummy, tasty and above all healthy!

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